Four sides planed timber is a sawn wood that has been planed from all four sides. This kind of material is suitable for almost any kind of construction work. The raw material is high-quality Nordic spruce, pine or larch wood which has gone through a careful optical control. All our sawn timber products can be ordered treated with wood preservatives or with fire retardant according to clients requirements.

Main profiles we offer:

All profiles are produced in lengths from 1.8 m to 6 m.

IllustrationProfile Type of WoodQualityThicknessWitdh
SHSpruce/pine/larchAB/ ABC /BC18 - 7045 - 245
S4SSpruce/pine/larchAB/ ABC /BC18 - 7045 - 245
SHkSpruce/pine/larchAB/ ABC /BC18 - 7045 - 245
r 1 - 6
Spruce/pine/larchAB/ ABC /BC18 - 7045 - 245

Please note that we have only listed the main profiles in the table above. Lotus Timber is also able to produce special order custom profiles.

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