The need for high-quality and durable frame materials has increased in production as well as in the construction sector. Based on market demand we can offer visually strength-graded and calibrated timber material with strength classes C14 – C30 and TR26.

All profiles are produced in lengths from 1.8 m to 6 m.

IllustrationProfileType of WoodQualityThicknessWitdh
r 1 - 6
Spruce/pine/larchC14/ C18/ C24/ C3045 - 7070 - 245
S4SSpruce/pine/larchC14/ C18/ C24/ C3045 - 7070 - 245
r 1 - 6
Spruce/pine/larchTR2635 - 7070 - 245
S4SSpruce/pine/larchTR2635 - 7070 - 245

We always have a sufficient quantity of surfaced timber in stock to offer our clients uninterrupted service and delivery. To ensure the best quality we dry and pre-grade all our raw material before surfacing.

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