Lotus Timber supply transmission and telecommunication poles that have been growing for more than 70 years. Produced from Nordic timber and preservative treated with market leading wood protection products, these poles are able to withstand the harshest climates.

PolesOur transmission and telecommunication poles meet the highest standards for service longevity, but at the same time are kind to the environment. Our poles are deep-impregnated, complying with exacting standards of Hazzard Class 4. With this HC4 process, they are completely protected, throughout the whole of the required service life, against fungal decay and insect attack. Lotus Timber uses Tanalith E3475 wood preservative as an Eco-Friendly and effective alternative to Creosote Oils. Our process and wood preservative products meet the exacting high standards of NTR, the recognised Nordic quality standard for wood preservation.

Classification of poles
If the diameter of the stem is less than the diameter required in the relevant class, the pole will be classified as belonging to the closest lower class.

More information about wooden poles can be found in our catalogue:

Lotus Timber Catalogue pdf


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