Industrially painted cladding boards are a huge help to constructors and clients if working speed is high. Industrially painted cladding significantly speeds up construction and reduces labour costs. Lotus Timber offers industrially primed and painted cladding boards for internal and external finishing. We offer painting services for both customer’s material as well as our produced profiles.

Timber is primed and painted as quickly as possible after surfacing to ensure maximum bonding of paint on the surface of the board. Boards are finished from three or four sides, as required. As a standard finishing solution, we recommend to our clients an initial priming layer plus two paint layers to give the board the longest possible service life. If required we can also give you advice regarding installation. All materials can be ordered from Lotus Timber with fire resistance class B-s1,d0. 

Paint is applied by flow-coating and brush method, what is best for a rough sawn surface. Paint layers are dried in trolleys.

Painted material can be ordered:

  • coated with primer
  • coated with primer and one time painted
  • coated with primer and two times painted (ready-made finishing)

Restrictions for industrially painted timber:

  • for finishings, we only use industrial waterborne paints.
  • maximum width 250mm, maximum height 45mm, length range 2000 – 6200mm (in some cases, we are also able to deal with shorter lengths).
  • painting on four sides is more labour intensive and significantly more expensive.

Volume is the prerequisite for industrial painting service and therefore we have set a minimum order volume to 100 m² per tone.

Typical colour cards:


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